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Lucky StarShine
Creations by Alli

Thanks for stopping by! Jewelry and other items are all within the posts below. If you would like to purchase something, please comment. LJ users, if you are signed in I'll be able to reply to you. Non LJ users, please leave a way to contact you -- either an email address, or whatever you are comfortable with.

While I think my prices are fair, I'd rather have people enjoy the things I've made rather than stubbornly stick to a posted price. So if you see something and your reaction is "Erm, maybe for $x, but not $y" just let me know in a comment - We'll chat :)

You can also reach me at luckystarshine37@gmail.com If you would like to receive updates by emails, or have any questions or requests, just write me there!

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Exclusive to those who have this journal friended for updates and are on the mailing list.  25% off Friday & Saturday only.  Anything bought those two days will be mailed Monday, December 1st - sure to get to you in plenty of time for the holidays!

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Everything In This Section Reduced Prices

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Payment Options
Paypal with credit card or direct transfer to luckystarshine37 AT gmail DOT com
Personal checks and money orders are accepted, but will be held to clear before merchandise ships. Concealed cash is also accepted, but at your own risk.  Please
email me for address to send payment in these cases.
Please do not submit payment until transaction is agreed on. Invoices available upon request.

Upon request, I'll hold item(s) for up to 17 days.   I like that number, so it seems like the way to go.

Shipping & Handling
5% of total sale is added on to cover packaging costs.  Shipping is $4 and includes Delivery Confirmation.  I typically send First Class USPS; please mention if you are more comfortable with an alternative.  Shipping is by weight.  Discounts given for multiple items. All jewelry shipped in size appropriate jewelry boxes for security and convenience.  I'll happily ship internationally, but the postage costs a little more.
Insurance is available upon request for an additional $1.20

Up to 45 days from date of purchase. This does not include shipping time from Lucky Starshine to recipient. Merchandise must be returned to Lucky Starshine prior to refund being issued. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

I'll fix any piece of jewelry that does not stay intact under normal circumstances. If you wear a beaded necklace to a Slayer concert, you have a really good chance of the necklace perishing. I'm not saying I won't fix it -- but in that case it'll be more like recreating it, and there will be a small fee that is a percentage of the original cost. If you are standing in your kitchen drinking a glass of water, and a necklace snaps, that's a product fault (and although unlikely, let me apologize in advance if anything like that happens!). In cases like that, buyer is responsible for shipping back to Lucky Starshine but repair and return shipment is free of charge.

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